Ph.D. Requirements

Students must complete 27 credit hours of graduate-level courses (6 courses X 3.0 credits = 18 credits of Core (compulsory) courses, and 3 courses X 3.0 credits = 9 credits of requisite courses). The remainder of the 42 credits will be on the dissertation. The program also includes a 3.0 credit seminar. Students will have to pass a qualifying exam that will consist of both a written and oral presentation of proposals for doctoral research. There will be a presentation by the student of his/her dissertation showing the results of original research in biomedical engineering, and defend the dissertation in an oral exam. Approved hours of M.Sc. count towards approved hours for Ph.D.  The student must also be a teaching/research assistant for at least 4 semesters (Maximum 2 courses per semester) and the timing for this will be recommended by department.

Last updated on Thursday, January 28, 2016