Overview of Seminars and Conferences by BME Department

The Department of Biomedical Engineering regularly hosts seminars and conferences to broaden scopes for exposure to ongoing biomedical engineering research. The department has a consistent record of arranging 1-2 seminars per year and has hosted a total of 6 Seminars since its beginning in 2015. This includes an international conference (BICoBs-2016) as well as an international observation of World Birth Defects Day (WBDD-2019). Moreover, the Department has earned MIST a platinum membership in the annual observation of WBDD on 03 March. The department also has organized the first ever Job Fair for Biomedical Engineers in the country in 2019. Below is a list of seminars/conferences organized by the department.

  • Biomedical Engineering- An essential prerequisite for effective
    healthcare in Bangladesh
  • Biosafety Awareness: A Pathway to Improved Public Health
  • Bangladesh International Conference for Biomedical Students and
    Young Doctors (BICoBS-2016)
  • Career Brief for Biomedical Engineering Students
  • Seminar on Regenerative Medicine
  • World Birth Defects Day: Social Awareness and Prevention
  • Job Fair for Biomedical Engineers
Last updated on Monday, June 08, 2020

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