MIST-GT Ventilator Project: A response to COVID 19 Outbreak

In response to the COVID 19 outbreak, the department of Biomedical Engineering, MIST took the initiative to design, develop and produce low-cost ventilators to aid healthcare facilities in supporting COVID-19 patients.
MIST is also performing Quality Control and Validation testing for the Ventilator. Engineers and Scientinsts of BME Dept, supported by ME, EECE and CSE Dept of MIST and Gigatech jointly began the project late March, 2020. The low-cost ventilator is soon to be set for local production.

MIST-GT Ventilator Project:

MIST Ventilator QC & Validation:

Emergency Ambubag System:

UV Disinfection Chamber:

UV Disinfection Chamber
Last updated on Tuesday, June 09, 2020

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