Recently, a team of 4 undergraduate students from the Biomedical Engineering Department exhibited an outstanding performance in a scientific competition titled ‘National Power Week’ from the 10th to 13th Dec, 2015 organized by the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources. The team developed a prototype of a ‘Solar Powered Automated Vehicle for Disabled People’. The team secured 4th position among hundreds of participants. If financial support is provided, the team is confident enough and committed to developing a real solar powered automated vehicle for disable people that would be relatively cheap compared to existing ones.

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Event 3_Solar Powered Automated Vehicle


After completing a short course based on Microcontroller & Robotics, a group of 4 students took part in a Microcontroller and Robotics exhibition, which was held in MIST Multipurpose Hall on 5th January 2016, organized by the Electrical , Electronic & Communication Engineering (EECE) Department of MIST. Students from all the other departments especially EECE , ME , CSE , AE and BME of MIST took part and produced 17 innovative and remarkable projects. The future Biomedical Engineers presented their project ‘The Bionic Hand’, which won them in the category of the “Most advanced Hardware Interfacing Project” among the 4 categories where the judges declared winners. The Bionic hand is actually an artificial hand which can be used as the substitute of hand for disabled people because it can be controlled by any kind of movement with the help of a flex sensor. The aim of the project was to make an artificial hand that is cost effective.

short-course-on-micro-controller-robotics-091 (1) Event 4_Bionic Hand

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