Employee Details

Major Md. Ashrafuzzaman, PhD

Associate Professor
Faculty of Nuclear Science & Biomedical Engineering


Career Highlights


• Device test & fabrication using newly design organic materials for application in electronic components.


• Silver based Nano-particles & Quantum dots development for the application in Biomedical fields.


• Sublimation & purification of organic materials using ultrapure refine technology.


• Design and synthesis of various ligands and Iridium & Beryllium complexes for the application as organic materials in broad ranges of display devices and drug delivery systems.


• Execute the sub-contract projects of Samsung and LG electronics in the sector of new organic materials development having OLED properties for electronic devices.


• Innovation of new synthesis procedure of various ligands & OLED compounds.


• Guide the researchers as a team leader with sincere critics and solutions on any difficulties.


• Developed cost-effective synthesis procedure for glycosylceramide and galactosylceramide using a high yielding process in bulk scale and industrial scale.


• Established a novel process for synthesis of ceramide using sphingosine at large scale.


• Introduced a new series of pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine for the inhibition of neuro diseases. Designed and constructed very large (>450 compounds) libraries to investigate the inhibition of nitric oxide and Nrf2 expression activity. Important research results have been patented in the Korean patent organization in 2012.


• Succeeded in process development and preparation of immobilized enzymes, especially lipases using alkoxysilanes.


• Upgraded the enzymatic synthesis procedures for glucose, sucrose and trehalose esters. Potential sucrose esters and trehalose esters were polymerized.


• Core intermediates for xanthorrhizol (Sesquiterpene) were synthesized and the absolute stereochemistry was determined to investigate anti-microbial activity.


• Several analogues of solifenacin and Ca+ Channel inhibitors were synthesized and screened for active moiety.


• Synthesis laboratory design, set up and Management.


• Maintenance of lab tests, results, chemical supplies and equipments.


Awards & Fellowships

International Research and Development Academy Fellowship, KIST, South Korea

Ph.D Thesis Title

Synthetic Study on Lead Compounds for Neuro-protection and Enzymatic Synthesis of Sugar Derivatives for Biodegradable Polymers.


Professional and Scientific Experiences

Oct 2014-

Till Date



Mar 2014-

Sep 2014

Mar 2007-

Feb 2014

Oct 2006– Jan 2007




Aug 2005– Sep 2006






































Bangladesh Army


Associate Professor (Instructor Class-B), Biomedical Engineering Department (Served as Head of BME Dept. from 15 Nov 2014 – 12 April 2016), Military Institute of Science & Technology (MIST)


WithEL Chemicals Company Limited.

Deokjin-gu, Jeomju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea 561-844.

Website: www.withelchem.com


Senior Researcher (Team Leader, Electronic materials Research)



Korea Institute of Science & Technology (KIST)

Chemical Kinomics Center, P.O.Box 131, Seoul-130-650, Korea


Research Assistant (as a Ph.D candidate)


Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd.

House# 54/1, Road# 4/A (New), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209. Bangladesh.


Sr. Executive, Non Textile Division


–        Market promotion of the Ciba Speciality and Huntsman chemicals nationwide.

–        Create new market, regular visit and update with the potential customers at factory level.

–        Sourcing new items related to healthcare industries in Bangladesh.

–       Product promotion with industrial trial for successive market.


Famous iberchem Flavours & Fragrances Ltd (JV with Iberchem, Spain).

Head Office: 38, Mitford Road, Dhaka-1100.

Factory: Kunia, K.B. Bazar, Gazipur, Bangladesh.


Application Chemist


–        Application of different types of flavour & food colour at laboratory level on various types of food products.

–        Production of candy, chocolates, biscuits, drinks & Juices at

laboratory level.

–        R & D works at flavour application laboratory.

–        Process development by implementing success trial with optimized flavour doses in several food items of recognized food & beverage industries in Bangladesh.


Jun 2003– Jul 2005 Organization:






Mona Food Industries

BSCIC Industrial Estate, Jhumjhumpur, Jessore, Bangladesh.


Food Technologist


–        Quality control of WFP’s high energy biscuits fortified with Vitamins.

–        Quality assurance at factory level and developing new food products.

–        Quality control of different types of food products.

–        Carry out the inspection process during the shipment of the products nationwide following the WFP’s and FDA’s regulations to maintain hygienic condition.


Academic Achievements















Ph.D in Biological Chemistry




M.Sc in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering


B.Sc in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering


Higher Secondary Certificate

(Science Group)


Secondary School Certificate

(Science Group)

School of Biological Chemistry, University of Science & Technology, Korea Institute of Science & Technology, Korea

Obtained CGPA 3.78 (in the scale of 4.5)


School of Life Science, Khulna University, Bangladesh

Obtained CGPA 3.54 (in the scale of 4)


School of Life Science, Khulna University, Bangladesh

Obtained CGPA 3.60 (in the scale of 4)


Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board, Rajshahi

Obtained 71.00% Marks


Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board, Rajshahi

Obtained 81.90% Marks

Research Publications


















Necessity of clinical engineering to regulate the medical devices in middle income countries

M.Ashrafuzzaman, M.A. Hossain, M. Saiful Islam, M. Mohiuddin, Yadin David

2nd International Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management Congress – II ICEHTMC, Brazil


Replication and Transcriptional Regulation Review of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Md. Ashrafuzzaman, Zannatul Naim, Md Mustahsan Billah, S M Masud Rana

EC Microbiology 2017, Vol. 7.2, pp. 58-66

Antidiarrheal Activity of Three Medicinal Plants in Swiss Albino Mice

Md. Ashrafuzzaman and S. M. Masud Rana, et al.

International Journal of Biomedicine (IJBM) 2016, Vol. 6(3), pp. 233-236


Sucrose derivatives preparation using Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase and their application

Md. Ashrafuzzaman, Jung In Pyo, Chan Seong Cheong*

Bulletin of Korean Chemical Society (BKCS), 2014, Vol. 35, No. 2, pp. 477-481


Effect of different food enzymes as leavening agent on wheat flour protein during fermentation; Md. Ashrafuzzaman, K. M. Hossain, M. B. Hossain, S.M.E Babor.

Khulna University Studies Vol-6 (no. 1 & 2 June – December)


Intellectual Property (Patent)


Title in Korean: 피라졸로피리미딘 유도체 화합물, 이를 포함하는 산화질소 생성 억제용 조성물 및 뇌신경 질환 예방 및 치료용 약학적 조성물.

Title in English: Pyrazolopyrimidine derivatives, inhibiting composition of producing nitric oxide and pharmaceutical compositions for prevention and treatment of diseases comprising the same.

Korean Patent  Registration No. 10-2013-0112248 Application No. 10-2012-0034483



Performed projects during Ph. D (2007-2014)
































Drug candidates’ development to reduce the effect of antioxidant activity induced Parkinson’s disease.


Target discovery and controlled study on brain diseases.


Studies aimed at the manufacture of derivatives of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-isoquinolinyl.


Optimization of manufacturing conditions for the preparation of glycosylated glycolipids.


Drug development targeting brain antioxidant protection.


Research on phosphorylation of membrane receptors control technology.


Research on technology for membrane protein function Control.


Precise manufacturing process development for natural products of high efficiency enzymatic reaction from a heterocyclic compound.


Korean government national project for new cosmetic ingredients development.

Invited Talks


2017 (20-22 SEP)

2017 (10-12 MAY)

Necessity of clinical engineering to regulate the medical devices in middle income countries

2nd International Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management Congress – II ICEHTMC, Brazil


Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Development in Bangladesh

Oral Presentation on “3rd WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices”, Geneva, Switzerland




2016 (16-19 MAR)

2013 (16-18 OCT)

2013 (21-25 JUL)

2012 (02-03 NOV)

2012 (17-19 OCT)

2012 (07-10 OCT)

2012 (06-07 JUL)

2012 (25-27 APR)

2011 (02-06 OCT)

2011 (28-30 SEP)

2008 (2-5 NOV)

2007 (18-19 OCT)

Synthesis of 1,4,6-Trisubstituted pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidines as inhibitors of Nitric Oxide (NO) production

Oral Presentation on “16th Asian Chemical Congress-2015”, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Synthesis of PEG based trehalose and sucrose polymers for biotechnological application

Poster Presentation on “ 112th National Meeting of KCS (Korean Chemical Society)”

CECO, Changwon, KOREA.


Selective hydrolysis and esterification using Enzymes-protecting group variation

Poster Presentation on “Biotrans 2013 Manchester”, Exchange Conference Central, Manchester Central, Manchester, UK.


Enzymatic modification of Sucrose and Trehalose for Cryobiology

Oral Presentation on “KOCS International Symposium-2012(Autumn)

Korea Institute of petroleum management (Kpetro), Ochang, Chungcheongbuk, KOREA.


Synthetic study on trehalose based macromolecules with potential application in pharmaceutical field

Poster Presentation on “ 110th National Meeting of KCS (Korean Chemical Society)”



Synthesis and Screening of BH4 Compounds for Nitric Oxide (NO) inhibition

Oral Presentation on “KOCS International Symposium-2012(Spring)

Seoul National University of science & Technology, Seoul, KOREA.


Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of polyester containing pending group: Nano-size formation and biodegradability

EMBO Conference “Catalytic mechanisms by biological systems: combining computational and experimental approaches, Groningen, The NETHERLANDS.


Synthesis and preliminary evaluation of activity of potential inhibitors of Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS)

Poster Presentation on “ 109th National Meeting of KCS (Korean Chemical Society)”



Polyester Synthesis Using Enzyme: Loading Impending Groups

Poster Presentation on “Biotrans 2011 Sicilia”, Atahotel Naxos Beach Resort, Giardini Naxos (Messina) Sicily, ITALY.


Potential sucrose derivatives synthesis by immobilized lipase for substrate of bioapplications

Poster Presentation on “ 108th National Meeting of KCS (Korean Chemical Society)”

DCC, Daejeon, KOREA.


Diversification & resolution of target Sesquiterpene to get potential antimicrobial agent

Poster Presentation on “ 100th National Meeting of KCS (Korean Chemical Society)”



Modified disaccharides for the substrate of enzymatic reaction

Poster Presentation on “The tenth Korea-China-Japan Joint symposium on Enzyme Engineering

Haeundae Centum Hotel, Busan, KOREA.

Skills in Analytical Tool & Techniques

Materials Studio:   Technical experiences for HOMO, LUMO, Tg, DSC, CV, PL data analysis


MPLC:                     Technical experiences for purification of organic compounds


NMR:                      1H (proton), 13C (carbon), Dept analysis


IR:                          Spectra analysis


Victor:                    Bradford assay


HPLC, GC, GPC:      Analytical experiences


PCR:                       Analytical experiences


Polari-meter:         Measure the Optical Density


Centrifuge:            Technical experiences


Fermenter:            Technical experiences


Sublimator:           Technical experiences

► Bangla


► English


► Korean


► Hindi

: Native Language


: Reading, writing and speaking fluently (IELTs Band score: 6.0, 2006)


: Reading, writing and speaking (TOPIK-2 passed, December’2012)


: Speaking fluently



Membership & Extra Activities



and Alumni













Extra Activities

{ Technical Sub-Committee (TSC) for medical devices, DGDA, Ministry of Health and

Family Welfare (MoHFW), Bangladesh

{ Technical Committee for Biosimilar Products Guideline, DGDA, Ministry of Health and

Family Welfare (MoHFW), Bangladesh

{ Clinical Engineering Association for Healthcare Technology (CEAHT), Bangladesh

{ Bangladesh Chemical Society (BCS), Korea

{ Korean Chemical Society (KCS), Korea

{ Korea Oil Chemical Society (KOCS), Korea

{ Bangladeshi Students Association in Korea (BSAK), Korea

{ Phacilitate, UK

{ MANNAM Association (NGO for social & Volunteer activity), Korea

{ Seoul Global Center (SGC), Korea

{ PURUN Civil Community (NGO for social activity related with migrants), Seoul, Korea

{ Asia Media Culture (AMC) factory, Seoul, Korea

{ Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (Rajshahi unit), Bangladesh


• Acted in a documentary together with my family for GKorea Program on Arirang TV (which broadcasted on last 13th and 20th February’2010 in GKorea program), Korean Global TV, Korea.

• Acted in a documentary together with our foreign friends for a Program for Holy Ramadan which was broadcasted on last 29th September’2010 on KBS TV, No.1 Korean TV Channel, Korea.

• Acted in a Korean film in April’2011.

• Obtain Training at Saemaul Undong, Korea on November’2010.